After working in the industry for nearly two decades, even from my early years as a dishwasher, I have dreamt of owning my own restaurant – not until my later years did I realize the passion I developed for Mexican cuisine. During the early stages of concept, development, and research, I came across a clay griddle used to make tortillas and toasting nuts used for Mole.  This equipment has since become antiquated with the advancements in culinary technology; however, it was a quintessential part of a traditional Mexican kitchen and I felt there was no better way to pay homage to the origins of Mexican cuisine than to adopt its name – Comalli.


In 2015, relying entirely on our philosophy of sourcing fresh and local ingredients, Taqueria Comalli found its beginnings under a canopy tent and an Al Pastor machine. The next chapter of Comalli found itself transitioning to a food truck in the Spring of 2019, which allowed the menu to flourish. With that came the creation of our signature taco, El Gallo. Growing up in a very traditional Mexican home, Chorizo and eggs was a common breakfast dish which I came to love. By breaking down my favorite dish into a taco, it allowed me to showcase the wide array of flavors that it has to offer.


Within a short and fast seven months after opening our food truck, we found our storefront in West Reading.  This was our biggest challenge yet and we faced many adversities: being “off-the-ave” and opening within months of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic to name a few.  Those challenges pushed us to stay creative and never break away from our core philosophy. We have grown tremendously over the last three years, which has given us full creative freedom on the expansion of our menu. Our devotion to setting the new standard of consistency, creativity, and freshness is what sets us apart from other taquerias.  Comalli is the product of my traditional Mexican upbringing as well as my passions for art, punk rock, skateboarding, and culinary ingenuity. Unifying all of this together is what allows Taqueria Comalli to provide a unique space for West Reading patrons to enjoy traditional cuisine.